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IV Therapy

IV Therapy and Vitamin Injections

The hectic pace we keep today means that we do not always maintain a nutrient dense diet and healthy eating is a vital part of our overall wellness and disease prevention. Even the healthiest diets can be missing valuable vitamins and minerals due to environmental pollution, soil and water depletion, genetic alterations, modern production methods, increased demands on our food supply. Even age can affect the body’s ability to absorb the nutrition we need solely through the food we eat.

Many of us may be suffering from vitamin deficiencies without knowing it is happening. Vitamin injections and IV therapies are the fastest way to restore the nutrients our bodies need because they bypass the digestive system and quickly enter the bloodstream

IV Infusions and Vitamin Injections can be used to treat various health conditions such as: (columns of issues)

  • imgGeneral Wellness
  • imgDehydration
  • imgCommon cold and flu
  • imgChronic Fatigue
  • imgFibromyalgia
  • imgCardiovascular disease
  • imgCancer
  • imgEnvironmental Toxicity
  • imgMigraine
  • imgStress management
  • imgRespiratory illness
  • imgImmune system deficiencies
  • imgAnxiety and Depression
  • imgInsomnia
  • imgWeight Loss
  • imgRespiratory illness
  • imgAthletic Performance & related injuries

Myer’s Cocktail

The most common type of IV being utilized today is the Myer’s Cocktail because it is appropriate for the treatment of many different conditions. It works by increasing the concentration of several essential vitamins and minerals in the blood beyond the ability of oral supplements. The conditions that respond well to this treatment include migraines, stress and fatigue, chronic fatigue, low energy, fibromyalgia, acute muscle spasms, pain, and seasonal allergies. (This is a short list; the Myer’s Cocktail can be used to treat a variety of other ailments.)

The nutrients in the IV have also been linked to enhanced athletic performance and increased energy. Feeling lethargic? Think you may be coming down with a cold? Just returning from extensive travel? This may be the perfect way to bolster your immune system and restore your depleted energy.

Only a conversation with your physician can determine if this is the appropriate course of action for you.

Immune Drip: High Dose Vitamin C

*A G6PD lab test is required before administering this therapy

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that has the power to boost immune function, increase resistance to infection, and protect against a wide range of disease. Our bodies need Vitamin C but we do not produce it so we are always dependent on external sources such as supplements and foods. Another source and the most effective way to administer high doses of Vitamin C is intravenously. The Vitamin C therapy at Lifestyle Physicians will help your immune system without the side effects of oral supplements.

Vitamin C Immune therapy is recommended for all our patients interested in supporting a healthy immune system, patients undergoing increased stress, during the winter flu season, for chronic viral conditions, and before and after a scheduled surgery.

IV Vitamin C in Cancer Care

Studies have proven that therapeutic doses of Vitamin C, administered intravenously, defeat cancer cells. The National Institute of Health in 2005 confirmed that Vitamin C is selectively toxic to cancer cells and that tumor-toxic levels of the nutrient can be attained via IV administration of Vitamin C.

If you are faced with a diagnosis of cancer, treatment options may seem limited to chemotherapy, radiation, and/or surgery; however, high dose Vitamin C delivered intravenously can reduce inflammation, tumor markers, and improve quality of life in later stages of cancer.

C-ing is Believing! The benefits of Vitamin C include:

  • Enhances Immune system
  • Neutralizes and eliminates a wide range of toxins
  • Potent anti-microbial
  • Decrease blood vessel inflammation
  • It Helps kills tumor cells
  • Augments chemotherapy
  • Decreases side effects of chemotherapy
  • Decreases pain of metastasis

Glutathione drip

Glutathione is a powerful natural antioxidant found in every cell of the body. It is a tri-peptide that bolsters the immune system and helps neutralize damging free radicals. Antioxidants can help your body repair free radical damage caused by stress, environment, radiation, infections, drugs, medications, malnutrition, and aging. It has been a secret weapon in treating diseases such as Alzheimer’s, cancer, cystic fibrosis, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Huntington’s disease, and Lyme disease.

Parkinson’s patients treated with an IV drip of Glutathione have demonstrated improvement in the symptoms they experience and there is growing evidence that this therapy can reverse some disabilities associated with the disease. It has been demonstrated to slow nerve cell degeneration, and many patients experience dramatic results very quickly. After several treatments, patients experience reduced rigidity, fewer tremors, and improved walking ability.

Glutathione stores decrease as we age. Exposure to drugs, environmental toxins, cigarettes, and poor diets also deplete our levels of Glutathione. Oral supplements simple do not offer a solution because the absorption through the gut is extremely poor. Injection or intravenous administration is the gold standard to restore the body’s levels of this antioxidant.

Chelation (Removing Metals from the Body)

What is Chelation Therapy?

Chelation Therapy is a safe and effective way to remove toxic metals from the body. Lifestyle Physicians uses an FDA approved method that uses ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid (EDTA) to bind and remove heavy metals and minerals in the blood so that they can be excreted in the urine.

This process has been used for over 50 years to treat children who have ingested lead from painted surfaces and toys. We have also witnessed how it has helped improve the health and quality of life of patients in our own practice.

Chelation therapy is usually administered weekly for 30 treatments as an IV infusion of EDTA mixed in a water solution with vitamins, nutrients, and B12. Each treatment time is approximately an hour to 90 minutes. Urine passed during the chelation process and for up to six hours after your treatment is collected and sent to a lab for testing. Lab tests will determine the amount and types of metals in your body.

Note: even at low levels, these metals are associated with approximately 70% of cancer deaths and 50% of cardiovascular-related deaths.

Vitamin Shots

Our clinics provide Vitamin Injections by appointment only.

  • B12 (Methycobalamin)
  • B Complex
  • Lipotropic shots
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